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Best Career for Young Sales People, Wish I Knew Earlier!

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Real Financial iKons was created with the goal of creating a team culture that makes you want to wake up and take on each and every day! We know that by combining top notch training and an above average commission structure​ with next level technology and automation tools RF iKons can become one of the leaders in the industry.

WE PAY FOR YOUR CLASS If you are not already licensed we will pay for your course to get you started.

COMMISSION STRUCTURE Top commission structure in the industry. Most agencies are top heavy meaning those at the top get the most. We are set up where you will be able to come in at 2-3X's the industry standard rates.

REMOTE WORK You will have the option to work remotely or come to the office or hustle house and be surrounded by the top agents, it's your choice.

HELP THE ENVIRONMENT A portion of our proceeds go to support the removal of carbon from the air. CLICK TO LEARN MORE TRAINING We have training calls almost daily as well as a portal to recordings of previous training calls. TEAM CULTURE We pride ourselves on our team culture! We have swag, live training sessions and even company outings to help boost team moral. Be part of something special and not just another number. TOOLS & RESOURCES We have cutting edge technology to help you get the most of your leads. Our automation software insures that you are following up with your clients so you never miss a deal. EASY TO USE MOBILE APP We have put all of the resources available to our agents in one easy to use mobile application.


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